Base Financial Group & Quantum Air Compressors

Offer Flexible Finance Options with a “Rent 2 Own” Finance Package to assist your business with growth and opportunities

The Rent 2 Own Solution

From small family businesses to franchise groups and large corporate organisations, the right funding is essential in order to keep your options open, and to preserve as much cash as possible to grow and expand. This rental product is unique to the market and is a smart and flexible solution specifically for organisations in need of funding for commercial equipment. A rental solution that allows you to save your hard earned capital – rather than spending it on depreciating assets. And if you exercise your option to buy, your purchase price is reduced 75% of the rent you’ve already paid.

How It Works

A “Rent 2 Own” package is perfect for businesses who want to keep their options open. So, why lock yourself into long term liabilities that limit your options? Instead, “Rent 2 Own” on a 12 month agreement, so your business has the flexibility to:

  • Purchase equipment and receivce a pre-determined rebate off the purchase price
  • Return the equipment at the end of 12 month agreement if no longer required
  • Continue to rent – and your purchase price will continue to be reduced

Key Features

  • The rental product has the ability to be more flexible than standard finance options, below are some of the features;
  • Start up businesses can apply
  • No financials required for applications less $50k
  • Age of asset does not matter
  • Base Financial Group processes your application with extra cost to you

Key Benefits

  • Great benefits of the Rent 2 Own Solution include;
  • Low weekly rental repayments
  • The chance to free up working capital
  • The ability to try before you buy
  • Peace of mind from knowing you're not stuck with equipment that isn't perfect for your needs
  • A 12 month agreement - don't get locked into a long term lease
  • Rental payments are 100% tax-deductable
  • Renting is off 'balance sheet', meaning it doesn't affect your capacity to borrow for future expansion

*All finance products offered by Base Financial Group Pty Ltd are subject to lending criteria as prescribed by individual institutions