COMBI 7.5 to 22 kW

With a compact footprint and low noise level, ALMiG COMBI 4-in-1 compressed air stations can be located directly adjacent to the worksite. The rotary screw compressor, air tank, refrigerant dryer and dual filters are integrated into a stand-alone compressed air system.

COMBI SC 11 to 22 kW

ALMiG COMBI SC 4-in-1 compressed air stations can reduce your electricity costs up to 35% by automatically varying their output to match the fluctuating air demand of most applications. These compact, quiet and energy-efficient compressed air systems are supplied ready-to-run.

G-DRIVE 30 to 75 kW

Featuring high-efficiency motors, direct-coupled gear drives and advanced air-end technology, ALMiG G-DRIVE air compressors provide class leading free air delivery. These units are engineered to run continuously at full load with the lowest operating and maintenance costs.

V-DRIVE 30 to 75 kW

ALMiG V-DRIVE air compressors offer the most energy-efficient solution for applications with fluctuating air demand. The variable speed drive control, high-efficiency motor, zero-loss direct-drive and advanced air-end technology combine to deliver real electricity cost savings.