Compressed Air Pipe Installations

Do you need pipelines installed?

Quantum Air Compressors also installs Compressed Air Pipelines.

We work on small installations and large turnkey projects.

We currently use:

  • Approved AS Standards Pressure rated  Type “ B” Copper and
  • Approved Poly Pipe PE100

Viega Propress

At Quantum Air Compressors we use Viega Propress for our pipeline installations. What is Viega Propress? The name stands for efficient press technology and exceptionally reliable material quality. This system also sets standards for safety and easy installation.

Flexibility for all dimensions

Viega Propress offers the highest degree of flexibility for gas and drinking water installations. This is guaranteed with multiple components that are suitable for dimensions from DN 15 to DN 100. Each individual component benefits from a unique safety factor: the Viega Smart Connect-Feature

Uncompromising quality made of copper

Viega consistently relies on the ultra hygienic material of copper for Propress. This material facilitates hygienic installation and guarantees reliable material quality, a long lifespan and tremendous versatility.

Safe connection

Another important aspect of Viega press systems is the press machine. This enables double pressing of each connection at the front and behind the sealing element bead. The tools provide a reassuring acoustic sound of a professional installation.

Mistakes are out of the question

All Viega Propress fittings are hygienically packed and supplied in a bag. Distinctive colour coding on the packaging means mistakes are out of the ques-tion. Similarly, coloured dots are also marked on the products: green stands for drinking water and yellow for gas.